Heather (left) & Lindsay (right)

Welcome! We are two friends who love to cook together, share recipes, and are currently on a winning streak in an ongoing card game battle against our husbands. We are happy to get the chance to share a wide variety of recipes with you that will highlight our individual cooking styles, and fresh, fun, and seasonal ingredients.

About Heather

I am currently a stay at home mom to a very energetic, and adorable, toddler named Gwendolyn. I mainly cook for her and my husband, Dan, who is open to trying anything and everything. It is hard for me to pin point the exact moment when I fell in love with cooking, but I think it is safe to say moving out on my own years ago made me realize that I prefer to eat delicious food, and it wasn’t that hard to make.

I like to cook and eat a lot of different things, however my favorite types of meals to make are breakfast and comfort foods. Since Gwenny is now eating most of the meals we do, I have been venturing into healthier meals as well. I always stock lemons, fruit, heavy cream, bittersweet chocolate bars, unsalted butter, arugula, and an excessive amount of eggs in my kitchen. There are few ingredients that I despise, but you will never see me cook with peppers (unless it is in a meal I can really hide them in, like chili), capers, lamb, or fennel. If I am posting recipes with these ingredients, just know that I am being held hostage and please contact the local authorities immediately.

About Lindsay 

I am a Kindergarten teacher with a passion for home cooking. I cook for my husband, family, and friends and I love to try out new recipes on them. There are a few recipes that I love to make but I generally try something new every time I get into the kitchen. My passion for cooking began with my first job in high school. I worked on a local farm as a cashier and in the greenhouses. I had access to extremely fresh, unique produce and was drawn to the idea of making something wonderful with them.

I eat and cook just about everything and I’m always up for a challenge. Basically, I love yummy food. I try to make “healthy” meals during the week but there is always room for something indulgent and rich. A few things I always have in my kitchen at my disposal are lemons and limes, garlic, eggs, unsalted butter, avocados, chicken/beef/veggie broth and any seasonal veggies. There isn’t anything I won’t try but I’m not a big fan of goat cheese (however, I’m trying to like it), peas, and Jell-O. I hate Jell-O SO much.

Happy Cooking!

Heather and Lindsay
“The Zesty Ladies”




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